The company

Arena Luci is an Italian company that deals with lighting technology, founded in 1983 and located in Castel Goffredo, Mantua. From the production of professional lighting for entertainment and architecture, the company has grown to become today a manufacturer and distributor of lighting solutions for domestic, commercial, industrial, strong>exterior, street, architectural and decorative. The team of professionals is made up of electronic, mechanical and lighting engineers, who work side by side with the sales and marketing team to satisfy increasingly demanding and competitive customers and markets. The company is committed to complying with the most stringent environmental standards and to using LED technology which offers many advantages over traditional incandescent, discharge and fluorescent lamps.

The energy efficiency of LED technology is greater thanks to the very low emission of UV and IR rays, and the light emitted is not a significant heat source, reducing the environmental impact and ensuring a longer life and functionality of the products. By independently owning and operating a metal processing factory equipped with state-of-the-art robotic machinery, the company better controls product quality and customizes solutions according to customer requests. The company's efficiency and effectiveness are guaranteed by careful warehouse management and just-in-time production, which allows orders to be processed to the end customer in a timely manner. Thanks to the various range of products for LED lighting, Arena Luci guarantees tailor-made technical solutions for various lighting engineering sectors of a constantly evolving market.

The important experience in the reference sector gained over the years is made available to our customers who are supported in the choice of products and for the most appropriate design choices . Arena Luci is a company able to offer its customers the best solution for every specific need, with a wide range of products which finds application both in professional lighting for theater, museums and television studios, both in the general one addressed to the following sectors: commercial, industrial strong>, retail, external, street, domestic environments, car parks, non last clinics and hospitals. We can say that the key to our success can be summed up in always looking to the future but with an eye to the past so as not to forget the goals achieved.

Primo Bertani

Entrepreneur and founder of Arena Luci, with proven experience in the world of professional lighting for entertainment and architectural lighting.



We believe that nothing is more important than our reputation and relationship with customers. The highest levels of professionalism are fundamental to who we are.


We combine our commitment to integrating the latest technology with sustainable design and manufacturing techniques for every project.


We are able to identify the needs and vision of our customers and provide them with tailor-made lighting solutions.


Our curiosity towards an innovative new philosophy helps us to do our job with pride and a can-do attitude, putting our customers' needs at the forefront.